How to Localize Visual FoxPro Functions and Commands

Some VPME dialogs are brought up using Visual FoxPro functions and commands. These dialogs display text and button captions in the language of the VFP run-time library installed on a userís PC.

For example, if the user has the French run-time library (VFPFRA.DLL) installed, the text on the dialogs will be displayed in French.

Tip: You must make sure the correct VFP language-specific run-time library DLL is installed on an application userís PC.

Technical Info

The VFP functions and commands that VPME uses are GETEXPR (Expression Builder), GETFILE() (Open File), and PUTFILE() (Save As).

∑       GETEXPR is used in the S<Prefix>DInd and S<Prefix>DF2L forms.

∑       GETFILE() is used in the S<Prefix>DWin, S<Prefix>PShd, S<Prefix>DCC, and S<Prefix>DNew forms, and in the NewObject, ReportSetupOptions, and Report_Manager classes in the VPMRpt class library.

∑       PUTFILE() is used in the S<Prefix>DNew form.


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