How to Modify the Form and Control Builders

You can modify the source code of the VPME form and control builders. There's even a Visual FoxPro project set up to make it easy for you to make your modifications and compile them to be used by VPM. The project and the files it contains are located in the Builders subdirectory of the VPME home directory.

Tip Proceed with Caution: The form and control builders source code is provided for VPME users who have the experience and skill to modify it. Helping you modify the builders source code and debugging the source code modifications you make is beyond the scope of ProMatrix Technical Support. So be careful. You are on your own.

To modify the VPME form and control builders

1.   Backup Copy: The VPME form and control builders are run from the VPMBLDRS.APP file located in your VPME home directory. Using Windows Explorer, make a copy of the original VPMBLDRS.APP with the name "VPMBLDRS.ORG". Then, if you need to return to the original builders that were installed with VPM, you can simply change the extension on your backup copy from "ORG" to "APP".

2.   Project: The Visual FoxPro project for the VPMBLDRS.APP is named VPMBLDRS.PJX. Run Visual FoxPro and open the VPMBLDRS.PJX project.

3.   Study: Study the project to learn what's there and how it works. Start with the project main program "SSYSFBLD.PRG". Study the builder programs and forms. Be sure you understand the code before you change it.

4.   Modify: Make your modifications to the files you find in the Project Manager.

5.   Builder: When you are ready to use your modifications, click the Build button on the Visual FoxPro Project Manager to build a new VPMBLDRS.APP file. Save it to the VPME home directory.

Tip: Your modified VPMBLDRS.APP file must be located in the VPME home directory (normally, \VPME91) for your changes to take effect.


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