How to Modify What VPM Enterprise Creates

ProMatrix Setup

You can control the menu and files ProMatrix puts into a new application through the options on the PM-Admin - Setup menu. When you install VPM Enterprise, the ProMatrix Setup options are set to defaults that will create a starter application that should satisfy most developers. However, you can change the default settings to highly customize the starter application that VPM Enterprise creates.

       New Project Main Menu: The New Project Main menu option allows you to change the default project menu. You can add menu options that VPM Enterprise will put in every new application you create.

       New Project Objects: The New Project Objects option displays a list of the objects, or files, that VPM Enterprise puts into new applications and allows you to add your own files to the list. The files you add to the list will get into every new application you create.

The Customizing VPM Enterprise chapter in the Technical Reference manual shows how to change the New Project Main Menu and the New Project Objects list.

VPME Classes

Get to know the VPME classes. Read the VPM Enterprise Classes chapter in this User's Guide to learn about the basic structure of the VPME classes. Then, read the detailed descriptions of the VPME classes and their properties and methods in the Technical Reference manual. Changes you make to the DEV-level classes affect how all your VPME applications will work.

Tip - Application Class Object Reference: One of the most important VPME classes is the Application class. The Application class is a custom, or non-visual, Visual FoxPro class. In a VPM Enterprise application the Application object is instantiated from this class, and its properties and methods can be referenced or called using the _SCREEN.oApp object reference. You will find descriptions of many useful Application class properties and methods in this User's Guide.


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