How to Put the Toolbar Controls Directly on a Form

By default a form you create based on the Form_Toolbar class uses the external VPM Enterprise Toolbar.

If you want to create a form that puts the Toolbar controls directly on the form, do the following:

1.   Create the form based on the Form_Toolbar class or any of its subclasses.

2.   In the Visual FoxPro Form Designer, make room on the form for the On-Form Toolbar.

3.   Make sure that the controls in either the VPMCTRLS.VCX, DEVCTRLS.VCX or PROCTRLS.VCX are displayed on the Visual FoxPro Form Controls Toolbar. Select the OnForm_Toolbar container class on the Form Controls Toolbar and add it to the form.

4.   Remove the default “toolbar_all” entry in the form’s cToolbar property.

5.   You can then modify the On-Form Toolbar just like the external Toolbar.

The Onform_Toolbar class is a container class that contains CommandButton objects for each of the Toolbar controls. The Onform_Toolbar class allows you to place the Form Toolbar controls directly on a form.


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