How to Set Up Picklist Help for a Field

Setting up Picklist Help for a field involves two basic steps:

1.   Referential Validation and Picklist Builder or Set Validation:
(a) You set up Referential validation for the field and access the Picklist Builder on the Data Builder’s Integrity page to select the Picklist Cursor and to define the picklist, or (b) you set up Set Validation for the field.

·       You also select whether to activate the Auto List while you are on the field’s Integrity page.

·       The Picklist Builder allows you to create multiple picklist definitions for a field. This allows you to vary the fields in the picklist grid or even use different Picklist Cursors when the field is placed on different forms.

2.   Place Field on Form with a VPME Textbox or Combobox Control: You place the field on a form using a textbox or combobox control based on the VPM Enterprise Textbox_ or Combobox_ control class.

·       When you place the field on a form, you also determine whether to display a descriptive field from the Picklist Cursor in place of the coded field itself.

·       If you want users to be able to add/edit the Picklist table while editing the field, you can choose to only allow one record at a time to be added or to allow a user to freely edit the Picklist table.

·       If you have created multiple picklist definitions for the field in the Picklist Builder, you enter the Picklist ID of the picklist definition that you want to use on the form in the control’s cPicklistID property. If the cPicklistID property is empty, the default definition is used.


How to Use the Picklist Builder - Overview