How to Update Additional Fields from a Picklist Record

When a selection is made on the Picklist form, the value in the primary key field(s) in the selected picklist record is placed in the foreign key field(s) of the record being edited. To fill in additional fields, you add code to the PicklistFKUpdate method of the foreign key control (the textbox or combobox for which the Picklist is brought up) on the form. This method is automatically run when a selection is made on the Picklist form. In the PicklistFKUpdate method you would put code like this:

REPLACE <FK cursor alias>.<additional field name> WITH f2reftable.<lookup cursor field name>

Note: The alias of the lookup cursor is always "f2reftable".

 Note: If the PicklistFKUpdate method returns .F. (the default is .T.), the default update of the FK field(s) is not performed.


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