How VPM Enterprise Organizes Application Development

VPM Enterprise is designed and organized to focus on application development.  VPM Enterprise leads you through the creation of an application and organizes your access to all application objects.

VPM Enterprise puts its own face on Visual FoxPro - a face that is organized for application development. However, you are still running Visual FoxPro when you run VPM Enterprise and all the Visual FoxPro application development tools are readily available to you. You can even access Visual FoxPro from VPME.

Creating a Starter Application

The first thing you do when you are ready to begin a new VPME application is select the New Project option on the VPME File menu to create a new application project and a starter application.

In a matter of seconds, VPME creates a fully functioning Visual FoxPro starter application that you then develop into your unique application. VPME also creates project directories and populates them with the files that make up the starter application.

Developing Your Application

VPME organizes your application development by putting everything you need to develop your application in three places:

       VPME Tools Menu: contains all the tools you need to build your application. See Tools Menu.

       VPME Options Menu:  contains the options that allow you to choose what's included in your application and to specify how things work. See Options Menu.

       The VPME Object Builder: provides easy organized access to the objects in your application. See Object Builder.

You will find everything you need to develop your application in one of those three places. Normally, you do not need to go anywhere else in the VPME interface to build your application. The VPM Enterprise Tools and Options menus are enabled when you open a project to develop an application. 

Visual FoxPro Interface: If you like to work inside the Visual FoxPro interface from time-to-time, you can do so by selecting the:

       Exit to FoxPro option on the VPME File menu, or

       Command Window option on the VPME Window menu.


Tools Menu