Identifying and Turning On Matching Remote Views

You use a matching local view to create the form that you will eventually use to access remote data using a matching remote view. After such a form is working as you like and after you create the matching remote view, you are ready to start using the remote view with the form you have created. It's now time to identify and turn on the matching remote view. You do that on the Data Builder Edit page of the matching local view.

To identify and turn on a matching remote view

1.   Select Matching Local View: Select the matching local view on the List page in the Data Builder. Click the Edit page.

2.   Use Remote View: In the Remote View Local To Remote box, check the Use Remote View check box. The matching remote view is now turned on.

Tip: You can switch back and forth between a matching remote view and its matching local view by checking and unchecking the Use Remote View check box. 

3.   View: Enter the name of the matching remote view.

4.   Database: Enter the name of the database that contains the matching remote view.

5.   Data Source: Use the combo box to select the data source record for the matching remote view. A data source record identifies elements of the view SELECT WHERE clause required by the type of remote data being used.

Tip: VPM Enterprise comes with two defined data source records. Visual FoxPro and SQL Server. You can define additional data source records by clicking the Data Sources button at the bottom of a views Edit page. To learn how to create data source records, see see Data Sources.

The next time you run your application it will use the matching remote view instead of its matching local view.

Tip - Local To Remote Functionality Disabled in VPME: When you run a form from within VPME, the Local To Remote functionality is disabled because it cannot run properly from within VPME. Consequently, if you run a form in VPME that uses a matching local view for which you have turned on a matching remote view, the form will use the matching local view, not the matching remote view. Therefore, to test forms that should use matching remote views, you must run the form from the application, not from VPME.


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