Important VPME Multilingual Terminology

It is important for you to understand VPME Multilingual terminology used in this User’s Guide. Important terms are described below.


The main job of VPME Multilingual is to help you localize a VPME application. “Localize” refers to configuring an application to match the local language, fonts, currency, date formats, etc. of the user.

Messages and Strings

The primary interface items that VPME Multilingual must translate, or localize, are an application’s messages and strings.  When we use the terms “messages” and “strings”, we mean:

·       Messages are the messages defined through the VPME Message Builder and contained in an application’s Messages table (SVPMMessages.dbf).

·       Strings are the characters used in an application’s property values, menu prompts and report labels.

This User’s Guide will show you to set up the translation of messages and strings into the languages you need.

Master language

The Master Language is the language of the messages in an application’s Messages table and of the character strings included in an application’s property values, menu prompts and report labels. While you are building your VPME Multilingual application, the messages and strings that you add to it become part of the Master Language.

The Master Language messages and strings that Visual ProMatrix automatically includes in a VPME Multilingual application are in English. However, the messages and strings that you create and that become part of the Master Language don’t have to be in English. They can be in your “working language”, or the language in which you are most comfortable. For the implications of using a working language other than English, see Your Working Language.

Application Language

The Application Language is a VPME Multilingual application’s default language. It is the language in which the application will run if another language has not been selected for the user running the application (see User Language Selection and Select User Language). By default, the Master Language (English) is the Application Language. If you want the Application Language to be a language other than the Master Language, select the Application Language you want on the VPME Environment form. See Select Application Language.


Basic Steps to a VPME Multilingual Application