Individual Object Level i_lOverride Properties

In VPME Multilingual, form and control objects based on VPME classes have an i_lOverridePropertyName property. At the individual object level, setting an objectís i_lOverridePropertyName property to .T. will bypass the translation of the property for that object. The object properties and their i_lOverride property names are listed below.

∑       Caption - i_lOverrideCaption: (checkbox, commandbutton, form, header, label, optionbutton, page, toolbar) The i_lOverrideCaption property of a grid can be set to .T. to bypass the translation for all headers in the grid.

∑       ControlSource - i_lOverrideControlSource: (checkbox, column, combobox, editbox, listbox, optiongroup, spinner, textbox)

∑       DownPicture - i_lOverrideDownPicture: (checkbox, commandbutton, optionbutton)

∑       DragIcon - i_lOverrideDragIcon: (checkbox, combobox, commandbutton, container, editbox, grid, image, label, line, listbox, optionbutton, optiongroup, pageframe, page, shape, spinner, textbox)

∑       Font - i_lOverrideFont: (checkbox, column, combobox, commandbutton, editbox, form, header, label, listbox, optionbutton, page, spinner, textbox) When a gridís i_lOverrideFont property is set to .T., the translation is bypassed for the grid and all headers in the grid.

∑       Icon - i_lOverrideIcon: (form)

∑       InputMask - i_lOverrideInputMask: (column, combobox, spinner, textbox)

∑       Picture - i_lOverridePicture: (checkbox, commandbutton, container, form, image, optionbutton, page)

∑       RecordSource - i_lOverrideRecordSource: (grid)

∑       RowSource - i_lOverrideRowSource: (combobox, listbox)

∑       StatusBarText - i_lOverrideStatusBarText: (checkbox, combobox, commandbutton, editbox, grid, listbox, optionbutton, spinner, textbox)

∑       ToolTipText - i_lOverrideToolTipText: (checkbox, combobox, commandbutton, editbox, grid, image, label, listbox, optionbutton, shape, spinner, textbox)


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