Initial Find Form for Parameterized Views

When you select the Employee Basic Data (Multiple Instances) option on the Employee menu, the form displays the first record in the employee table in alphabetical order based on employee name. The form displays the first record in name alphabetical order because that is the order of the current table index. Click the Toolbar Order button to see for yourself.

There may be times when you want a user to be able to select the record to be displayed when a form appears. When that is the case, you create your form using a view or CursorAdapter and turn on the VPME SQL Find Form.

Select the Employee Basic Data option on the Data menu Employee Views menu.

As VPME displays the form, it displays the SQL Find Form which lets you select a record that matches the values you enter into the parameters displayed. If you enter a value that matches more than one record, a cursor is created that includes all the matching records.

Client-Server Applications: The SQL Find Form for parameterized views and CursorAdapters is particularly useful for client-server applications. Client-server application forms are based on remote views or CursorAdapters. The SQL Find Form speeds up the performance of client-server forms because it allows users to limit the records that need to be returned from the server to a workstation.



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