Installing, Running & Managing VPM and Applications FAQs

How do I run my application from VFP?

To run your application while in VFP:

SET DEFAULT TO <your project's home directory>

DO S<Prefix>.APP

What causes the "VFP caused a stack fault in module VFP.EXE" error to occur when I run my application?

One thing to check is to see if the Activity Tracking table has become corrupt. This table has been known to occasionally become corrupt when an application is terminated abnormally. To get a new version of this table, copy the files SVPMACTIVITY.DBF and SVPMACTIVITY.CDX from VPMs NEW PROJECT directory to your project's DATA directory.

If that isn't the problem, you need to find out how far you are getting into the application before the error occurs. To do this, put WAIT WINDOW commands in the Startup method of the VPMAPP class in the VPMAPP class library.

How do I remove a project from VPM without deleting it?

VPM keeps track of projects in two tables. The previous projects that you have opened are listed in the Open Project form from SSYSPL10.DBF. Information about the projects that have been created or opened in VPM are listed in the ProMatrix Projects form from SSYSPLOG.DBF. Delete the records for the project from these two tables to remove the project from VPM. You'll find the tables in VPM's DATA directory.


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