When you run an application with User Access Security on, the application displays the User Login dialog.

Enter your ID and password. If you press the escape key, you will exit the application. You are allowed three attempts to enter a valid password. Upon the third invalid entry, you exit the application. 

Tip: The UserData_cUserID property of the VPME Security object contains the User ID of the current user. The object reference of the Security object _SCREEN.oApp.oSec. Therefore, you can reference this property as _SCREEN.oApp.oSec.UserData_cUserID. This property is useful if you need to know the current user in your code.

Temporary Password: When you enter a new user on the Users form, you enter a temporary password for the user. When the user enters VPME for the first time, the user will be prompted to enter a new password of the user’s own choosing. The purpose of this feature is to allow only the user to know her password after the administrator assigns a temporary password.

Password Expiration: When a valid password is entered, VPM Enterprise checks to see if it is time to change your password. It is time to change a password if the current date is equal to or greater than the date calculated by adding the Password Period in your User record to the date you last changed your password. 

Changing Your Password: You may enter a new password at any time by entering the “Change Character” after your password. The Change Character is a question mark, “?”, but you can make it another character. The Change Character is described in Password Setup

If a new password is to be entered, ProMatrix displays the New Password dialog.


New Password