Message Builder

To display the VPM Enterprise Message Builder, select the Message Builder option on the VPME Tools menu or click the Message Builder button on the VPME Toolbar.

                VPM Enterprise Toolbar

The Message Builder displays the application messages for the open project. You use the Form Toolbar to navigate through and to maintain application messages.

The first page of the Message Builder form displays the currently selected message. The second page displays options that define the properties of the message. The third page displays additional options for the message.

You can use the Message Builder to view and edit the VPM-provided application messages. You can also use the Message Builder to create your own:

       Form Messages messages displayed in a form (message box). See the next section, "Building Form Messages".

       Status Bar Messages messages displayed in the application window status bar. See Building Status Bar Messages.

       Wait Window Messages messages displayed in a system message window located in the upper-right corner of the application window. See Building Wait Window Messages.

When you want to display a message, you simply call the DisplayMessage method of the VPME application Message object. See Displaying a Message.

The remaining sections of this chapter show you in detail how to use the VPM Enterprise messaging system.


Building Form Messages