Mover Form Code Example

Here's an example of the code that you could put into the Click method of a command button to display a mover form that allows a user to select Microsoft development tools in which the user is proficient.


* Load the source array that contains all items.

DIMENSION _SCREEN.oApp.aMoverFormSource[6]
_SCREEN.oApp.aMoverFormSource[1] = "Access"
_SCREEN.oApp.aMoverFormSource[2] = "Visual Basic"
_SCREEN.oApp.aMoverFormSource[3] = "Visual C++"
_SCREEN.oApp.aMoverFormSource[4] = "Visual FoxPro"
_SCREEN.oApp.aMoverFormSource[5] = "Visual InterDev"
_SCREEN.oApp.aMoverFormSource[6] = "Visual SourceSafe"


* Load the destination array that contains all initially selected items.

DIMENSION _SCREEN.oApp.aMoverFormDestination[1]
_SCREEN.oApp.aMoverFormDestination[1] = "Visual FoxPro"

* Note: If there are no initially selected items the destination array would be set up as follows:

* DIMENSION _SCREEN.oApp.aMoverFormDestination[1]
* _SCREEN.oApp.aMoverFormDestination[1] = ""


* Bring up the Mover form. If the RunMoverForm method returns
* .T. the user clicked the OK button.


IF _SCREEN.oApp.RunMoverForm(.T.,.T.,;
   "Select the development tools in which you are proficient",;
   "Select From","Selected Tools",150)
   * Do something with the selected items.
   lcTools = ""
   lnDest = ALEN(_SCREEN.oApp.aMoverFormDestination,1)
   IF lnDest > 0
      FOR lnFor = 1 TO lnDest
         IF NOT EMPTY(;
            lcTools = lcTools+IIF(EMPTY(lcTools),"",", ")+;
   IF EMPTY(lcTools)
      WAIT WINDOW "I am not proficient in any development tools!"
      WAIT WINDOW "I am proficient in: "+lcTools


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