Multiple-Table Editing

Multiple-table editing (MTE) refers to the ability to edit more than one table, view or CursorAdapter on one form. The tables, views and CursorAdapters to be edited must be related in some way. VPM Enterprise supports the four MTE scenarios described below.

∑       One Form - One-to-One Relationships - Tables: Editing of multiple one-to-one related tables on one form. The tables must have a one-to-one relationship. You can edit an unlimited number of one-to-one tables on one form with fields from the tables directly on the form or spread among pages in a pageframe. You must set up relations among the tables in the formís Data Environment. See Multiple-Table Editing for more info on the one-to-one scenario.

∑       Not for Views and CursorAdapters: Because you cannot set a relation into a view or CursorAdapter, this MTE scenario is not available for views and CursorAdapters. However, thatís not a problem for views since you can create a view from related one-to-one tables that accomplishes the same thing.

∑       One-To-Many Forms: Editing of a parent table, view or CursorAdapter in one pageframe and multiple child tables, views or CursorAdapters in grids in another page frame. The ProMatrix One-To-Many Form Builder can create this type of form for you. See ProMatrix One-To-Many Form Builder.

∑       Related Pages in a PageFrame: Editing of a different related table, view or CursorAdapter on each page in a pageframe. The tables, views and CursorAdapters can be related one-to-one or one-to-many. The ProMatrix Related Pages Form Builder can create this type of form for you. See ProMatrix Related Pages Form Builder.

∑       Views: Create a view based on more than one related table. The view behaves like a single table. You can edit the view on any of the VPM Enterprise form types.


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