Naming Conventions

In developing VPM Enterprise we adopted strict naming conventions for files, functions, memory variables, etc. Our naming conventions provide much information about an object through its name alone.

You are free to use whatever naming conventions you want when you name your objects.

Tip: The names of most files that VPM Enterprise puts into an application begin with “S”. Begin your file names with a letter other than “S” to easily identify them as your files. Perhaps, a “D” for “developer” would work for you.

We encourage you to learn our naming conventions. If you do so, you’ll find it easier to work with VPM Enterprise code and files.  We also encourage you to use the same or similar naming conventions for the objects you create.

If you are working in a multi-programmer environment, well-designed naming standards will greatly enhance the readability of other programmers’ code.

Your File Names: Your file names for your own files can be anything you want. Many VPME developers use our naming conventions, but you don’t have to.


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