New Project

To begin a new VPME Multilingual application, select New Project on the VPME File menu. Visual ProMatrix displays the New Project dialog.

Fill in the New Project dialog as you normally would to start any VPME application. Then, click the Languages button to select the languages that you want in your new application. VPME Displays the Select Languages dialog.

Select languages by moving language names from the Languages column to the Selected Languages column. When you’ve made your selections, click OK.

The languages available in the Languages column are the languages defined through the New Project Language Builder.

Tip: If you decide later to add another language to your application or to delete a language from your application, you can easily do so through the Language Builder. See Language Builder.

When the New Project dialog is set up to your satisfaction, click OK, and Visual ProMatrix will create your starter VPME Multilingual application.


Select Application Language