New Project Message Builder

The New Project Message Builder option on the PM-Admin/ProMatrix Setup menu displays the New Project Message Builder, which allows you to view, edit and create the default messages that are included in each new project you start.

The New Project Message Builder allows you to edit the messages in the New Project Messages table, SVPMMessages.DBF in the VPME \New Project directory. The New Project Messages table contains the messages that VPME automatically puts into each new application.

You can edit the VPM-provided messages or create your own messages through the New Project Message Builder. The messages you create will be automatically added to the new applications you start with VPM. They will not be added to the applications you have already started. Any changes you make to the VPM-provided messages will be reflected in the new applications you create.

The New Project Message Builder has the same functionality as the Message Builder described in the previous sections of this chapter. Therefore, refer to those earlier sections for guidance in using the New Project Message Builder.




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