No-Record Forms

No-record forms donít display data from tables or views. No-record forms provide information or launch programs. VPM Enterprise provides OK and Cancel CommandButtons to control the operation of no-record Forms

The VPM Enterprise Form_NoRecord class is a subclass of the basic Form_ class. Use this class when you need to create a simple form that doesnít edit data but needs OK and Cancel CommandButtons. This type of form can be used to provide information or to launch a program.

Cancel CommandButton: The Form_NoRecord class contains a Cancel CommandButton with code in its Click event that closes the form.

OK CommandButton: The Form_NoRecord class also contains an OK CommandButton. Normally, you would add code to the Click event of the button that performs some function, like running a report or program. The default code in the Click event of the OK button simply closes the form.


How to Modify the Form and Control Builders