Object Builder

The VPM Enterprise Object Builder organizes the development of all Application Objects. The Object Builder is the heart of VPM Enterprise application development and the hub from which you build your Visual FoxPro application.

      The VPM Enterprise Object Builder organizes your application development.

You design your application’s menu in a way that organizes your application for its users. Because your menu reflects how you see your application’s organization, the Object Builder uses your menu to organize application development for you.

You create or modify the Application Objects that will run from a menu option by simply selecting the option on the menu displayed by the Object Builder. Upon selecting the menu option, you enter the VPM Enterprise Object Editor for the object. The Object Editor provides access to everything you need to create the object.

The Object Builder lets you build every form, program, query, report, label, pad and procedure called from a menu option.

Whenever you add menu options to your application through the VPM Enterprise Menu Builder, the options are automatically added to your application’s menu displayed on the Object Builder. You can then create the Application Object to be run from a new menu options by selecting the option on the Object Builder menu.

Visual FoxPro Project Manager

If you like working with the Visual FoxPro Project Manager, you can use the Project Manager to work on your Application Objects instead of the Object Builder.

Tip: Even though you can use the Visual FoxPro Project Manager to work on your application, give the Object Builder a try. After you have used the Object Builder for a while, we think that you will find it is a great improvement on the Project Manager for quick and easy access to all your Application Objects.

If you choose to use the Visual FoxPro Project Manager instead of the Object Builder, see the “Using the Visual FoxPro Project Manager” section in the Creating Application Objects chapter to learn about some things you’ll need to do that the Object Builder does automatically for you.


Object Editors