Object Builder

The Object Builder window organizes the development of the Application Objects that run from your applicationís menu.  It is the hub from which you can build a Visual FoxPro application.  When you open a project, VPM Enterprise displays the Object Builder and keeps it on the VPM Enterprise desktop until you close it.  If the Object Builder is not displayed, you can open it from the Tools menu.

Think of the Object Builder window as a picture of your applicationís main window.  The Object Builder displays your applicationís menu.

In the illustration below, the Object Builder is displaying the VPM Enterprise Sample Applicationís Main menu.

When you select an option on the Object Builder menu, VPM Enterprise doesnít run the option, it letís you create it. You create an Application Object by first selecting the objectís menu option on the Object Builder menu. Then, you select the type of Application Object you want to create and give it a name. VPM Enterprise displays the Object Editor for the type of object you are creating. The Object Editor contains everything you need to create the object.

Whenever you add menu prompts to a menu, the Object Builder automatically shows the prompts the next time it displays the menu. You can then create the objects that run from the new menu options. If you have more than one menu file in your application, you may change the menu file the Object Builder displays at any time.

ō To change the Object Builder Menu

1.   Select the VPM Enterprise Menu Builder option on the Tools Menu.  The Menu Builder displays your menus. The menu currently displayed on the Object Builder is marked with an X under the Object Builder heading on the Menu Builder.

2.   To change the Object Builder menu, highlight the menu you want and click the Object Builder button. Click Close.

3.   The next time VPM Enterprise displays the Object Builder, the new menu will be shown.


How to Begin Creating a New Application Object