Object Editors

The Object Builder organizes the overall development of your application. The VPM Enterprise Object Editors organize the development of individual Application Objects. A VPM Enterprise Object Editor provides access to everything you need to create an Application Object.

When you select a menu option on the Object Builder for the first time, you choose the type of Application Object you want to create. The Application Objects you can create are forms, programs, reports, queries, labels, pads and procedures. 

After you choose the Application Object type and give the Application Object a name, VPM Enterprise displays the Object Editor for that object type. Each Application Object type has its own Object Editor designed specifically for it.

The VPM Enterprise Object Editors make application development faster and more convenient, and also serve as a checklist, or reminder, of everything needed to create each type of Application Object.

The VPM Enterprise Form Editor puts everything you need to create a form and integrate it into your applications at your fingertips.

For example, when you create a form, the VPM Enterprise Form Editor lets you:

       Run the Visual FoxPro Form Designer.

       Run the form to test it without needing to rebuild your application.

       Change the menu command that runs the form from its menu option

       Use the "Called Objects" list to create programs, other forms, etc. that the form calls. See Called Objects.

The Form Editor automatically adds the form to the Visual FoxPro Project Manager.


Called Objects