Opening a Project Under Source Control

When you open a VPM Enterprise project that you put under source control, VPME displays the Get Latest Version of Files dialog with the menu to be displayed in the Object Builder automatically selected.

If you are working in a team development environment, you will normally want to leave the menu selected and click OK. You can, of course, select any other files for which you want to retrieve the latest versions before clicking OK.

When you click OK, VPME updates your working folders with the latest version of the project files you selected stored in the Visual SourceSafe database. If changes have been made to the menu displayed in the Object Builder, the Object Builder menu will be regenerated.

Single Developers: If you are not working in a team development environment, it doesn't matter what you do with this dialog.

Warning - Opening Delay

When you open a project under source control, you may experience a noticeable delay. The length of the delay depends on the speed of your computer and LAN and the number of files in the project. When you return to VPM Enterprise from Visual FoxPro or from running the application, the project is opened again and a noticeable delay may occur again. The delay occurs as the project object is created.

Because closing the Visual FoxPro Project Manager closes the project object, you may experience a noticeable delay upon closing the Project Manager as the project object is recreated.

We are letting you know about this delay so that you can anticipate it when you take actions that are subject to it.


Adding New Files to Source Control