Other VPME Builders that Automate Application Development

VPM Enterprise automates Visual FoxPro application development by building application components for you. VPME provides builders to help with all aspects of application development. Here are some of the most important VPME Builders that you will be using:

∑       Application Builder: Activated from the File menuís New Project option; creates a complete starter application for you in seconds.

∑       Menu Builder: The first item on the Tools menu; helps you create application menus and popup shortcut menus.

∑       Language Builder: Allows you to set up and manage the languages in which you need your interface text to appear.

∑       Report Builder: Guides you through the creation of application reports.

∑       Security Builder: Creates files needed to implement application security.

∑       Controls Builder: Converts form controls to VPME control classes; autosizes; attaches data bound controls to data dictionary properties.

∑       Form and Control Builders: VPME provides a variety of form and control builders to help create complex forms and controls; VPME form and control builders include:

∑       Basic Form Builder

∑       Pageframe Form Builder

∑       List Grid Builder

∑       Editable Grid Builder

∑       One-To-Many Form Builder

∑       Related Pages Form Builder

∑       Toolbar List Builder

∑       Product Builder: Leads you through the steps to package your application for distribution to customers.

∑       Update Builder: Leads you through the steps to package an application update for distribution to customers.


How ProMatrix Manages Application Development