After you have created and installed a VPM Enterprise application, you may later need to modify the application to incorporate new functionality or to fix bugs. Whenever you modify your application, you are faced with the daunting task of updating the existing installations of your application to reflect your modifications. Fortunately for you, the VPM Enterprise Update Builder automates the task of creating and packaging an application update.

Tip: The VPME Update Builder is designed to help you package application updates that use Visual FoxPro data, not remote data.

The VPM Enterprise Update Builder leads you through the steps to create and package a set of update files that will automatically update installations of your application. The end product of the Update Builder is a set of installation files created that can be copied to diskettes or to a CD-ROM. The installation files install the update files wherever there’s an installation of your application that needs to be updated. Included in the update files is the ProMatrix Update Utility application, which applies the update.

The set of update files included in the update package that you create with the Update Builder consists of:

·       Files You Modify: Any application files that you modify, which normally include a new .app or .exe file, and new or modified databases, tables, indexes and reports.

·       ProMatrix Update Utility: The ProMatrix Update Utility .EXE file, (SAppUpd.exe), which is a Visual FoxPro application that executes the automatic update of an installed application. The Update Utility uses the other update files to intelligently apply your modifications to the existing, installed application. You can modify the Update Utility to handle any unusual situations that you may encounter.

·       Table Update Table: The table update table (SAppUpdT.dbf), which contains the rules you specify to define how the Update Utility should update tables in the existing application.

·       Field Update Table: The field update table (SAppUpdF.dbf), which contains the rules you specify to define how the Update Utility should update fields in specific records in specific tables.

The remaining sections of this chapter describe in detail how to use the ProMatrix Update Builder to create and package an update, and the steps the Update Utility takes to update an existing application.


ProMatrix Update Builder