Using the Object Builder

After you’ve entered your application’s menu prompts and set up its data, you’re ready to create Application Objects. Application Objects are your application’s forms, programs, queries, reports and labels. This chapter shows you how to use the VPM Enterprise Object Builder to create Application Objects.

Using Object Editors

This chapter also shows you how to use the common features of the VPM Enterprise Object Editors. Each Application Object type has an Object Editor designed specifically for it. However, the Object Editor’s have much in common, and this chapter describes the common Object Editor features in detail. Later chapters describe the Object Editor features that apply specifically to different Application Object types.

Visual FoxPro Project Manager

Some Visual FoxPro developers like to use the Visual FoxPro Project Manager to create Application Objects. While the focus of this chapter is on the Object Builder, at the end of this chapter we’ll show you how to use the Visual FoxPro Project Manager to create Application Objects in case that’s what you prefer.

Testing Application Objects

This chapter will show you how to test the Application Objects you create. VPM Enterprise makes it easy to test forms, reports, programs and queries as you build them.

Managing Application Objects

You will learn how to delete, add and clone Application Objects.


Creating Application Objects: Basic Steps