You access the User Passwords form from the Passwords option on the Admin - Security menu. The User Passwords form is where you view and change user passwords as well as identify which users can access the form. 

VPM Enterprise encrypts the data you enter on the User Password form before storing it in the Users table SDATAUsers.

You canít add users on the User Password form. You add users on the Users form. Passwords are maintained on a separate Passwords form for additional security. 

Tip: If User Access Security is critical in an application you create with VPM Enterprise, users of the application can use the Access field (see below) on the Passwords form to restrict access to passwords to those with the highest security clearance. If your application needs more password security, you can remove the User Passwords form and the Passwords Report from the application entirely.

The editable fields on the User Passwords form are described below.

∑       Password: A 20 character field that contains the userís current password. Any time you make an entry in this field, the next time the user enters the application, she will be required to enter this password.

∑       Last Change: This field contains the date of the last password change. Blanking-out this field will require the user to enter a new password upon the next entry into the application.

∑       Access: This check box provides an additional level of password security beyond that provided by Menu Security.

   If the Access check box is checked, the user has the right to access the Passwords form (assuming the user has been given the Menu Security permission). Once one user has a check entered in this field, only those users with a check can access the Passwords form. As long as all users have the Access field unchecked, any user that has been given the Menu Security permission to access the Passwords form can have access.

Tip:  If you expect that users of your application will use the Access check box to provide additional password security, you should remove the Passwords Report from the applicationís Security menu. If you want to provide similar security while running VPM Enterprise, you can delete the Passwords Report files. See the ďSecurity ReportsĒ section below.


Security Reports