Performance Considerations

Creating high-performance client-server applications requires you to use new data access techniques such as parameterized views to transfer just the data you need from the server to the client.

Transfer Just the Data Needed

One of the most important factors in creating high-performance client-server applications is minimizing the amount of data transferred from the server. Client-server applications can access huge amounts of data on a remote server. Using traditional local navigation techniques will slow client-server applications. To speed performance, one must use a data access technique that filters the amount of data transferred.

VPM Enterprise solves the data transfer problem for you by providing a "SQL Find Form" that works with forms that use views and CursorAdapters. The SQL Find Form lets application users enter values that filter the records to be transferred from the server. To see an example of the SQL Find Form in action, go to Initial Find Form for Parameterized Views.

You activate the SQL Find Form for a form by setting the proper filter parameters when you create the view that the form uses. The view's filter parameter (variable) names must follow a particular naming convention. You must also set a Data Environment property and a form property when you create a form.

Tip: See the Building Data: Views, Building Data: CursorAdapters and Creating Forms: Form Toolbar chapters to learn how to set up the SQL Find Form for parameterized views and CursorAdapters.


Using Remote Views in Your Own Code