By default the Toolbar Print control displays the VPME Report Manager.

Print Control Form Properties

There are two form properties that you can use to modify the default behavior. Both form properties are blank by default.

       cPrintReport: The property cPrintReport can contain the name of a report to be run when the Print control is clicked instead of the Report Manager.

       cPrintCommand: The property cPrintCommand can contain the name of a VFP command to be run; this property is ignored if cPrintReport contains a value. If both properties are blank, the Report Manager is run.

       lAllowPrint: There is also an lAllowPrint property that when set to .F. disables the Print control.

Print_Toolbar Method

When the Toolbar Print control is clicked, it runs the Print_Toolbar method in the Form_Toolbar class. You can modify that method to do whatever you think a Toolbar Print control should do. You can modify the Form_Toolbar class if you want your method to apply to all Toolbar forms, or you can modify the method for a particular form.

When we asked VPME Users what they thought a Toolbar Print control should do, we got a different answer from just about all the Users who responded. Therefore, we decided that we would provide the Toolbar Print Control with a default functionality that many Users seemed to feel was appropriate, but make it easy for the functionality to be modified to whatever a developer wants to do.



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