Program Editor

The Program Editor is shown below.

ō To create a program with the Program Editor

1.   Click Edit. VPM Enterprise displays the New Program dialog.


   The New Program dialog lets you choose to start your new program by copying an existing program. Make your selection. Click OK.

2.   VPM Enterprise displays the Visual FoxPro Text Editor so that you can enter your code.

When you create a new program, VPM Enterprise inserts a copyright notice at the top of the program file:

∑       Copyright Notice

   VPM Enterprise uses the company name, address and authorís name from the Developer Information dialog on the VPM Enterprise Options menu to create the copyright notice.

Important: The copyright notice applies only to the program file that contains the notice. It does not apply to any VPM Enterprise code in any other files and does not give you or transfer to you any copyright interest in any VPM Enterprise code. Further, ProMatrix Corporation makes no representations or warranties regarding the legal validity of the copyright notice.


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