ProMatrix Environment

You can control Visual FoxPro and VPM Enterprise system and environment settings through the ProMatrix Environment option on the PM-Admin menu.  VPM Enterprise puts a similar Environment option on the Admin menu of applications.

All of the settings on the ProMatrix Environment dialog are standard Visual FoxPro environment settings except the two described below.


You can turn off the display of the VPM Enterprise logo by unchecking the Logo check box. However, if you turn off the VPM Enterprise logo, you’ll miss the exciting VPM Enterprise graphic that took so long to create.

Exit Confirm

When you choose to exit VPM Enterprise, a dialog appears to confirm your intent.  This dialog prevents accidentally exiting VPM Enterprise, and the consequent annoyance of rerunning VPM Enterprise and reopening a project.  However, some people are annoyed by the confirmation dialog.  If you’re in the latter group, you can turn off the exit confirmation by unchecking the Exit Confirm check box.


Check the Bell check box to enable or disable the sounding of the bell during editing when you reach the end of a field or enter invalid data.

Enter the path and name of a wave sound file in the text box below the WAV button to specify a waveform sound to play when the bell is rung. Click the WAV button to use the Open dialog to find your WAV file.




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