ProMatrix Grid Builder an Editable Grid

The VPM Enterprise Grid Builder is a builder that automates the placement of data or calculated fields on a grid with the appropriate VPM Enterprise control class selected for each field. When used with the VPME Grid_Toolbar control class (see below) and a form based on the VPME Form_Toolbar class (or a subclass thereof), you can create an editable grid that works with the VPME Form Toolbar.

Tip: To see an editable grid in action, run the VPME Sample Application and select the Employee Basic Data (Grid) option on the Data menu's Employee Submenu.

VPME Grid_Toolbar Control Class

The ProMatrix Grid Builder can be used with any grid control class that you drop on a form. However, we have developed the special Grid_Toolbar control class to provide unique functionality when used with the ProMatrix Grid Builder.

       Grid_Toolbar Control Class: This grid control class is included in the VPME, DEV and PRO control class libraries. Use this grid class to create an editable grid with a toolbar.

You can use the ProMatrix Grid Builder to build as many grids on a form as you need. You can use the Grid Builder on the same grid more than once. Each time you use the Grid Builder on the same grid, the grid will be completely rebuilt with your latest grid selections.

Tip Only InitialSelectedAlias Editable: Only fields from a forms InitialSelectedAlias cursor are editable in the grid. Fields from other cursors can be put into the grid but they must be made read-only.

Tip Making an Editable Grid a Child Related Form: You can use a form with an editable grid as a child Related Form. See Editable Grid as Child Related Form to learn how. See the Creating Forms: Related Forms chapter to learn all about VPMs Related Forms feature.


How to Use the ProMatrix Grid Builder

Editable Grid as Child Related Form