ProMatrix List Grid Builder

The VPM Enterprise List Grid Builder is a builder that automates the placement of a picklist search grid on a form. The List Grid operates just like the Toolbar List Grid (See ProMatrix Toolbar List Builder.)

The List Grid is placed on a page in a pageframe to provide picklist functionality for the InitialSelectedAlias table, view or CursorAdapter being edited on other pages in the pageframe.

Tip: See the Data-Employee-Employee Basic Data (List Grid) form in the VPME Sample Application for an example of the List Grid in action.

VPME Grid_List Container Class:

The ProMatrix List Grid Builder uses the special Grid_List container class to provide unique functionality when used with the ProMatrix List Grid Builder.

       Grid_List Container Class: This container class is included in the VPME, DEV and PRO control class libraries. The container contains a grid object based on the Grid_ class.

The following steps show you how to use the ProMatrix List Grid Builder to build a List Grid.


How to Use the ProMatrix List Grid Builder