ProMatrix Projects

You should know the difference between a “project” and an “application”.

To begin work in VPM Enterprise, you either create a new project or open an existing project. A Project is the set of files a developer uses to build an application.  An Application is the actual program a user runs.

You create new projects by selecting the New Project option on the VPM Enterprise File menu. You open existing projects by selecting Open Project on the File menu. ProMatrix automatically keeps track of all the files that belong to each project you develop. When you open a project, ProMatrix makes that project’s files available for development.

Projects Form

The ProMatrix Projects option on the PM-Admin menu displays the information shown below for every project in the VPM Enterprise project log. 

The Projects form can help you keep track of the applications you have developed. The VPM Enterprise project log is a list of the projects you have created and have not deleted. The List page on the Projects form lists each record in the project log. You can use the List page to select the project to view on the Data page.


Creating and Managing Projects