ProMatrix Related Pages Form Builder

The VPM Enterprise Related Pages Form Builder is a builder that automates the creation of a form based on the Form_Toolbar_RelatedPages form class. Use this builder when you need to create a data maintenance form that maintains data from related tables, views and CursorAdapters on the pages of a pageframe on one form. Each page on a Related Pages form behaves much like a separate Related Form would behave.

Important: The Related Pages form parent may be a table or a view regardless of whether the children, grandchildren, etc. are tables or views. However, the children must be either (a) all tables or (b) a mixture of views and CursorAdapters. You cannot have a child table with child views and CursorAdapters.

The VPM Enterprise Sample Application contains the following Related Pages form on the Employee menu:

This form has five pageframe pages. The Identification and Contact pages contain data from a parent table (DVSAEMAS). The DOEs and Benefits pages contain data from two child tables (DVSAEDOE and DVSAEBEN). The Contributions page contains data from a child of the Benefits table. The DOEs page displays its data in an editable grid.


Related Pages Properties and Characteristics

How to Use the Related Pages Form Builder