ProMatrix Technical Support

The ProMatrix Corporation is committed to providing the best possible technical support for ProMatrix Products. ProMatrix Technical Support offers a complete portfolio of high quality, innovative technical support services to help you get the most from your ProMatrix software.

When You Need Help

When you need help while working with VPME, the first place to turn is the VPM Enterprise documentation, which consists of this User’s Guide and the Technical Reference manual. You can access the VPM Enterprise documentation from the VPME Help menu (see VPM Enterprise and Visual FoxPro Online Help). Chances are you’ll find the help you need in the VPM Enterprise documentation. 

If the VPM Enterprise documentation doesn't provide the help you need, visit the Support pages on the ProMatrix Web to learn about the other ProMatrix Support resources available to you.

ProMatrix Web –

The ProMatrix Web is a key part of ProMatrix Technical Support because it allows you to obtain timely support information. The ProMatrix Web is a valuable resource for:

·       ProMatrix News

·       Instructions for Accessing ProMatrix Support Newsgroups

·       Descriptions of ProMatrix Support Plans

·       Descriptions of available training resources

·       Maintenance Updates

You will find everything you need to know about ProMatrix Technical Support on the ProMatrix Web Support pages. To make it easier for you to access the ProMatrix Web, you will find a “ProMatrix on the Web” option on the VPM Enterprise Help menu that provides links to support and other important ProMatrix Web pages.

ProMatrix Newsgroups

ProMatrix provides Internet Newsgroups that allow ProMatrix users to communicate with other users and with the ProMatrix Technical Support Staff. The ProMatrix Newsgroups also allow ProMatrix users to view a history of technical discussions and messages related to ProMatrix Products.

The ProMatrix Newsgroups are not part of the public Internet Usenet newsgroups service. The ProMatrix Newsgroups are hosted on our own newsgroup server. While some of the ProMatrix Newsgroups are restricted to eligible users, most of the ProMatrix Newsgroups can be accessed by anyone with newsgroup software (such as, Outlook Express.

The name of the ProMatrix Newsgroups server is "". If you need instructions to help you access the ProMatrix Newsgroups server, go to the following link on the ProMatrix Web:

Tip: The ProMatrix Newsgroups are the cornerstone of ProMatrix Technical Support. It is important that you learn to access them and to use them. If you do not use them, you are missing out on a valuable ProMatrix Support resource. If you are a new ProMatrix user, we recommend that you review the discussion and message history on the ProMatrix Newsgroups. Such a review will let you clearly see how the ProMatrix Newsgroups can help you learn to use your ProMatrix Products.


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