ProMatrix Toolbar List Builder

The VPM Enterprise Form Toolbar provides many useful controls for data navigation and editing for forms based on VPMís Form_Toolbar class. The Toolbar List control provides a picklist-type grid for finding records quickly and easily.

The ProMatrix Toolbar List Builder allows you to create a customized List grid for every form in your application thatís based on the Form_Toolbar class. You can make any column of the List grid sortable. You can also provide incremental search for any column.

Tip Ė SQL Find Form: If you use the SQL Find Form to select records for a form's cursor, the Toolbar List Grid will only display the records in that cursor. If the cursor contains only one record, only one record will be displayed in the Grid. 

List Grid Properties

The properties of the VPM Enterprise Toolbar List Grid include:

∑       Current Order Column: The column by which the grid is currently ordered is highlighted in light gray.

∑       Current Row: The currently selected row in the grid is highlighted in light gray.

∑       Sortable Column: A column which is sortable displays its header caption in the normal font. Clicking on a sortable columnís header changes the grid order to the index tag associated with that column. Clicking on a sortable columnís header repeatedly toggles the column order between ascending and descending - just like the Windows Explorer.

∑       Nonsortable Column: A column which is not sortable displays its header caption in italics.

∑       Searchable Column: A column which provides incremental search displays its cells in the normal font. When the cursor is in a cell in a searchable column, you can begin an incremental search by simply pressing keys on the keyboard. The keys you press are shown in the columns header. As you press keys, the selected record incrementally becomes the first record whose column cell value matches the keys pressed.

∑       Nonsearchable Column: A column which does not provide incremental search displays its cells in italics.

Toolbar List Builder Options

When you use the Toolbar List Builder to create a formís Toolbar List grid, you can:

∑       Fields: Select the fields from the InitialSelectedAlias table, view or CursorAdapter that you want to include as columns on the List grid.

∑       Calculated Fields: Create calculated fields.

∑       Column Caption: By default the grid column caption is the fieldís Description (Short) property entry from the Data Builder. If you want to change a fieldís column caption, change the fieldís Description (Short) property in the Data Builder.

∑       Order Tag: Select a tag to be used to sort a column. Selecting a tag for the column makes the column a sortable column.

∑       Search: Turn on incremental search for a column. You can select whether the incremental search should be case sensitive.

∑       Records Displayed: Select the number of records to display when the List grid first appears. By default the List grid displays 10 records. The List form is resizable and users can change the number of records displayed after the List form appears.

∑       Maximum Form Width: Select the maximum List form width in pixels. By default the List form automatically sizes itself to fit the fields you select for the List grid. If you select more fields than can be displayed on the desktop screen, the List form automatically leaves a 20 pixel left and right margin. At low resolutions the List form may become unacceptably wide if the List grid contains more columns than can be displayed on the screen. In this case, you may want to set a maximum List form width that matches its associated formís width in pixels.

Reentrant: You can use the List Builder on the same form more than once. The List Builder remembers the settings that you chose for a form. Each time you use the List Builder on the same form, the List grid will be rebuilt with your latest List Builder selections.


How to Use the Toolbar List Builder

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