ProMatrix Update Builder

You reach the VPM Enterprise Update Builder menu by clicking Update Builder on the VPM Enterprise Tools menu. The Update Builder menu leads you through the steps required to create and package the files needed to update an existing, installed application.

Tip: Before using the VPM Enterprise Update Builder, read the Installshield Express walkthrough in the Visual FoxPro Help file. You’ll need to know how to run Installshield Express or another installer program.

To create and package an application update, you take the basic steps listed below.

Ø To create and package your application update

1.   New Update: You select the New Update option on the Update Builder menu to initiate the creation of the update package. The New Update option creates an update directory to hold the update files, and it copies certain system update files to the update directory.

2.   Menu Cleanup: Clean up your application's menu. There may be options on the menu that were helpful while you were building and testing your application but which you don’t want in the update.

3.   Reports Cleanup: If your application update includes new reports, clean up the Report Manager. Remove any reports that you don't want users of your application to access.

4.   Identify Update Files: Identify (perhaps, list) the files you need to include in the update. You will need a list of update files to complete step 8 (Copy Files) below.

5.   Determine Data Update Rules: For each table you have modified for the update, determine how that table should update its counterpart in an existing application installation. Determine whether there are any fields in specific records that need specific values inserted. You will need this information to complete step 9 (Enter Data Update Rules) below.

6.   Build EXE: Select the Build EXE option on the Update Builder menu to create a new .EXE file for your application.

7.   Modify Update Utility: Normally, you won’t need to modify the Update Utility, but if you need to handle special update situations, select the Update Utility Project Manager option on the Update Builder menu to access and modify the Update Utility code.

8.   Copy Files: Select the Copy Files option on the Update Builder menu to select and copy update files from your application’s project directories to the update directory.

9.   Enter Data Update Rules: Select the Enter Data Update Rules option on the Update Builder menu to define special rules for updating tables and fields.

10. Data Cleanup: Clean up the data files in the update directory. Some files should be zapped of test records while other files might need to have records created.

11. Create Distribution Files: Use Installshield Express or another installer program to create your application update’s setup routine and installation files.

The remaining sections of this chapter provide details on how to complete the steps listed above to create and package your application update.


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