Range Validation

If you select the Range field validation type, the Integrity page looks like this:

When you choose Range validation for a field, the valid entries in the field must fall in the range you enter on the Integrity page. 

Range validation is useful for numeric fields that have minimum and maximum values. In a financial application (for example, payroll), range validation can prevent the entry of, say, an erroneous salary rate that is much too small or large.

To create a range of valid entries for a field

1.   Select Range validation on the Type combo box. VPM Enterprise transforms the Integrity dialog for Range validation.

2.   Enter the low value in the range in the From field and the high value in the To field. 

3.   Click the Options combo box to turn on validation for the field. Choose the validation option that you want for the field.

4.   If you want to allow users to override an entry that fails validation, check the Override check box.

5.   Click the Level combo box to select when field validation should be run.

6.   When you leave the Integrity page for the field, VPM Enterprise will save your changes.


Set Validation