Reindex / Pack Tables Utility

When you create a new application, VPM Enterprise includes a Reindex / Pack Tables utility on the application's File menu.  This utility allows users of your applications to recreate indexes if they become corrupt.  Users can also use the utility to pack tables to remove any records marked for deletion and to pack memo fields.  VPM Enterprise includes this same utility on its File menu.

To use the Reindex / Pack Tables Utility

1.   Click either the Reindex or the Pack option button. If you select Pack, FoxPro will also update the index tags of the tables that are packed.

Tip: The Reindex operation does not use the VFP REINDEX command to rebuild an index. Instead, the index file (.CDX) is deleted and then recreated using the index information stored in the Index Tags data dictionary table SDATADDIT.DBF. This is done because the index to be rebuilt might be corrupt, which means the REINDEX command cannot be used.

2.   The Tables list on the left side of the dialog shows all the tables in the application that do not have the read-only file attribute set, including system tables. You select the Tables you want to reindex or pack by moving them to the Selected list on the right side.

3.   You can select:

       A table individually by highlighting it in the Tables list and double-clicking it or clicking the right-arrow button. 

       All tables by clicking the double-right-arrow button. 

       All application tables by clicking the Application button.

       All system tables by clicking the System button.

4.   You can remove tables from the Selected list by:

       Highlighting an individual table and double-clicking it or clicking the left-arrow button.

       Clicking the double-left-arrow button. VPM Enterprise will remove all tables from the Selected list.

5.   When you have selected the tables you want, click OK and the reindex or pack operation begins.


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