Related Forms - Things You Should Know

Form_Toolbar Classes

The automatic Related Forms capability is only available for forms that are based on the VPM Enterprise Form_Toolbar class or subclasses. All VPM Enterprise form classes that use the VPM Enterprise Form Toolbar are subclasses of the Form_Toolbar class.

Related Pages Form Parent but Not Child

A VPME Related Pages form (see ProMatrix Related Pages Form Builder) may be a Related Forms parent but not a Related Forms Child.

One-to-Many Form as Child

A One-to-Many form can be a child Related Form, but the Parent Mode functionality of the Toolbar is disabled for technical reasons involving the child grids.

Editable Grid as Child Related Form

A form that contains an editable grid constructed with the ProMatrix Grid Builder (see ProMatrix Grid Builder an Editable Grid) can be a child Related Form if its set up properly. See Editable Grid as Child Related Form to learn how to set up a form with an editable grid to function as a child Related Form.



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