Report Builder / Manager

For your convenience, you can select the Report Builder on VPME’s  Tools menu to create reports for an application while you are developing it. The Report Builder is the same tool/form as an application’s Report Manager but it’s on VPM Enterprise’s Tools menu. The reports you create with the Report Builder become part of the application you are creating.

Tip – Same Form: “Report Builder” and “Report Manager” are just different names for the same form. They are both instantiated from the Report_Manager class in the PRORPT.VCX class library. The form is called the Report Manager in an application because users of an application use the form more for managing reports than for building them. In this chapter, we mostly use the name “Report Manager” in the sections that follow. However, the functionality described applies as well to the Report Builder on the VPME Tools menu.

As its name implies, the Report Manager allows you and your application’s users to manage the reports in an application. When you select a report on the list, you can run it or modify it. You can also create new reports with the Report Manager.

VPM Enterprise automatically populates an application’s Report Manager with the reports shown above when you create a new project.

Tip – Right-Click to Edit: If you right-click on a report or label in the Report Manager list, VPME opens the report or label in the Visual FoxPro Report Designer.

Tip - VPM Enterprise Report Manager: You’ll find a Report Manager for VPM Enterprise itself at the bottom of the PM-Admin Menu. The VPM Enterprise Report Manager lists the many valuable reports that help you manage VPM Enterprise and the projects you are creating.


Managing Reports