In the next chapter, youíll start learning all about the VPM Enterprise Data Builder. The Building Data chapters are some of the most important chapters in this Userís Guide.

Before we move on, letís take a moment to review what weíve learned about menus. Here are some important points that we would like you to remember.

∑       Use the VPM Enterprise Menu Builder to manage the menus in your application.

∑       VPM Enterprise automatically provides a Main menu and shortcut menus for every new project it creates. You can add your own menu options to the Main menu and the shortcut menus. You can also create new menu files or add existing menu files to your application.

∑       You can choose the menu file you want to display in the Object Builder by selecting it on the VPM Enterprise Menu Builder.

To see more detail about the topics covered in this chapter, refer to the Menus chapter in the Technical Reference manual.





Building Data: The Data Builder