Letís take a moment to review what weíve learned in this chapter. Here are some important points that we would like you to remember.

∑       When you create errors as you build your application, remember to visit the Errors form to see more information about the error.

∑       When an error occurs that the VPME error handler canít trap, try ON SHUTDOWN and QUIT to exit VPM.

∑       When you need to access the Visual FoxPro menu, select Exit to FoxPro on the VPME File menu.

∑       You can create, copy, open, close and delete projects from the options on the VPME File menu.

∑       Whenever you see <Prefix>, substitute your applicationís 3-character application prefix.

∑       You donít have to use our naming conventions, but it wouldnít be a bad idea.

∑       Learn to use the controls on the VPME form toolbar. Itís the same toolbar that youíll find in your applications.




The Sample Application