Running VPM Enterprise the First Time

The first time you run VPM Enterprise you must initialize it by entering your name, company name, serial number and activation key. VPM Enterprise will not run until you enter a valid serial number and activation key.

Ø To initialize VPM Enterprise

1.   From the Windows Start menu, start VPM Enterprise by selecting the VPM Enterprise menu option.

2.   After you start VPM, you will see the following dialog:


     Enter location of VFP home directory.

   Setup uses the path to your Visual FoxPro home directory to run VFP when VPME starts. If the path is incorrect or blank, click the ellipsis (…) button to locate the correct path. When the path is set, click OK.

3.   VPM Enterprise displays a dialog requesting you to enter your name (required), company name, serial number and activation key. The VPM Enterprise serial number and activation key are in the download email sent to you. Enter this information. Click Continue.


     Entering identifying information to initialize your copy of VPM.

4.   Follow the instructions on the screen.  When the initialization process ends, you’ll need to restart VPM Enterprise to use it for the first time.

After you initialize VPM Enterprise, you can run VPM Enterprise at any time from the Windows Start menu.



The VPME Sample Application