Running VPME Setup

Begin the VPM Enterprise installation process by running the VPME Setup routine.

Ř To run VPME Setup

1.   Start Microsoft Windows. Close all other Windows applications.

2.   Installation from VPM Enterprise Exe File: You can run Setup to install VPM Enterprise either (1) by double-clicking the download file name in Windows Explorer or (2) by selecting Run on the Windows Start menu and entering the path to the download file and the download file name.

3.   Setup displays a dialog telling you that it will install VPM Enterprise in the C:\VPME91 directory. You can change the drive and directory if you like.

4.   Follow the instructions on the screen.

5.   Setup ends. You will find an entry for VPM Enterprise on your Windows Start menu  You can now run VPME from the VPM Enterprise Start menu option.

The next step is to run VPM Enterprise to complete the installation. The “Running VPM Enterprise for the First Time” section tells you how to do that. 


Running VPM Enterprise the First Time