Sample Application Data Menu

The Sample Application Data menu illustrates the wide variety of forms that VPM Enterprise makes it easy for you to create. You’ll find forms that are typical of:

·       Employee: the forms in an Employee personnel system.

·       Employee Views: employee forms based on views instead of tables.

·       Customer: the forms in a customer tracking and order-entry system.

·       Company: forms to maintain company-level information.

You’ll find that the Data menu options identify what’s unique about a form. For example, “Employee Basic Data (Grid)” identifies a form based on the VPM Enterprise Editable Grid. “Benefits (On-Form Toolbar)” identifies a form that has Form Toolbar controls placed directly on it.

Bring up each form on the Data menu. Try out the Toolbar controls.

Tip: The Creating Forms chapters teach you to create all the kinds of forms you will find on the Sample Application Data menu.

To See What’s Behind the Data Menu Forms

Open the Sample Application in VPM Enterprise and use the Object Builder to see what’s Behind the Data menu forms. Select the Employee Basic Data (Multiple Instances) option on the Object Builder Data menu, and the VPM Enterprise Form Editor will appear.

 Click Edit on the Form Editor and you’ll be viewing the Employee Basic Data form in the Visual FoxPro Form Designer. With the Form Designer open you can check out the classes, properties and methods that make the form work. Click Run on the Form submenu to see how you can run a VPME form from the VFP Form Designer.


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