Sample Application Menu

After you make it through the Login dialog, the Welcome form and the Access Form, you値l be ready to explore the Sample Application menu. The Sample Application menu is your window to:

キ       All the tools and features VPM Enterprise automatically puts into an application, and

キ       Illustrations of the wide variety of forms that VPM Enterprise makes it easy for you to create.

VPM Enterprise automatically puts the File, Edit, View, Data, Reports, Admin, Window and Help menus into your applications. You don稚 have to write a single line of code to populate your applications with all the tools and features you値l find on those menus.

We created the forms you値l find on the Data menu to illustrate the kinds of forms VPM Enterprise can help you easily create. On the Data menu you値l find forms that are typical of:

キ       Employee: the forms in an employee personnel system.

キ       Employee Views: employee forms based on views instead of tables.

キ       Customer: the forms in a customer tracking and order-entry system.

キ       Company: forms to maintain company-level information.

File Menu

The File menu provides access to the Reindex / Pack Tables utility.

See the Reindex / Pack Tables Utility in the Administrative Tools chapter to learn how to use this valuable tool.

Edit Menu

The Edit menu provides the standard Windows edit options plus menu access to the VPM Enterprise Form Toolbar controls that can change data.

View Menu

The View menu provides menu access to the VPM Enterprise Form Toolbar controls that navigate through records or select records to view.

Tip: See the Creating Forms: Form Toolbar chapter to learn all about the VPM Enterprise Form Toolbar and the controls it provides.

Reports Menu

The Reports menu contains the VPM Enterprise Report Manager, which allows users of your applications to run, edit and create reports. If you have reports that you want to run directly from menu options, you can add those menu options to the Reports Menu.

Open the Report Manager to see the administrative reports that VPM Enterprise automatically includes in every application you create.

Admin Menu

The Admin menu provides access to tools and features that allow users of your applications to administer an application.

Through the Admin menu users can:

キ       Set up application security,

キ       View the activity, audit trail and error logs,

キ       Use the Data Manager to set up field validation and help,

キ       Identify the data and reports directories,

キ       Modify the application environment,

キ       Modify application messages,

キ       Manage the languages in which your application runs, and

キ       Add, edit and delete tips for the Tip of the Day form.

Window Menu

The Window menu gives you access to the Visual FoxPro Debug and Trace features while you池e developing your application. Before you distribute your application to your customers, you値l want to remove the Debug and Trace options.

As users open forms in an applications, the form captions are added to the bottom of the Window menu.

Help Menu

The Help menu provides access to application help and other items commonly found on a Visual FoxPro application Help menu.

VPM Enterprise automatically creates an About option that displays the version number and a copyright notice. Users can redisplay the Welcome and Access forms from the Help menu.


Sample Application Data Menu