Securing Reports in Visual FoxPro Project Manager

To prevent users from modifying a report, open the Project Manager for your application from the VPM Enterprise Tools menu. Select the Reports category on the document tab in the Project Manager and click Add. Find and select the report with the Open dialog and click OK. When you build your application, the report will be included in the .APP or .EXE file. Donít distribute the report files separately.

Tip: VPM Enterprise includes a Users Report and a Passwords Report with the applications it creates. The Users and Passwords Reports can be run from an applicationís Admin Ė Security menu. They are not included in the Report Manager. When you prepare an application for distribution, add these two reports to the Project Manager to be included in the .APP or .EXE file. Donít distribute these report files separately. This prevents unauthorized users from accessing these reports by adding them to the Report Manager.





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